23 Oktober 2010

magic power

magic power of africa- acryl/canvas - 90x90 cm
once I could find a fascinating wooden sculture from cameroun
promissed to bring back one day.
this was my idea to show on canvas to keep this magic
power.can you feel it......

 another idea: long time ago, after a visit in N.Y. city a picture of the skyline on the hudson river
still kept in mind and started to paint this skyline. never finished. but when the whole world
was talking about, I remeber this picture and tried to finish. very difficult, because want to
keep the emotion, I had , when starting to paint.

this  one :visit an african wild life  parc these fascinating birds were looking at me
impressed by this wonderful moment, never forgot and one day my paradise birds
came out on canvas, with acryl colours let me share the atmoshere  with others


  1. The skyline..."NUMERO UNO"
    The strong powerfull coloremotionals exeptional!!!

  2. happy to read your powerful words willy,
    thanks a lot.