08 September 2022

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 hello  looking forward up mentioned blog - you can translate with google - so it is easy to read and do not write twice - thank you for following all the years my stories

found a solution to give it up but in my dreams my soul is still in Africa 


30 März 2022

A new African dream

The last post last year - we started in a new year - no good way

 Was very busy with my  African dream to find a solution over years I could not travel and had no contact . At leaast there is an new African dream.
A new story, real with new friends and th really good friends (not many) helped
me to find the old contact sgsin and dtart again ine an other way.
A long qay to go - I did not believe somehow. To get to know the right people - at this time at this place in Paris - the Internet,  the power, the patience, all I had I used, to write in French language, finally to find the right conversation, the right words -

with success. A lot happend in Africa- in Senegal - next time more.

04 November 2021

NEW - art on canvas

  • Not to waste took a colored canvas with wonderfull paper I found in a parcel and had this idea to get the golden continents -  the is shining golden

05 März 2021

New art painting


canvas with oil color prepared black and red  japanese ink
and pigments. After studies of the special japanese-chinese
kind of traditional paintings in my book - modern ones too
found out the beauty of this design . reduced to feel the wind the air the bambou andd for myelf the beautiful letters/signs , I had the intension to feel the spring-time in another way. 

08 Juni 2020

african artiste

long time ago we could visit a special art gallery pictures of African artists, no more to find
and changed to another place. As i am always interested and connections to African artists
will show  some time by time, fascinating for me. This artiste was coming from Ghana.
Others from Senegal, Kongo

 Abou Abou Senegal
A. Mancara

 Bony Kongo
B. Dschibango

at the entry

before opening my door 

17 April 2020

work in creativ process

my balcony atelier is opened and so it is possible to work outside refresh the white stripes, free hand. waiting before continue with the violet color. There will be rests of red and silver glitter. meanwhile searching for symbols (may be African ones) to go on. The pleasure always what is coming next  no need to hurry up, the oil color has to be dried. Part of this working process. Step by step.

Thank you for following.  

 hello  looking forward up mentioned blog - you can translate with google - so it is easy to read and do not write twice - thank you for fol...