08 Juni 2020

african artiste

long time ago we could visit a special art gallery pictures of African artists, no more to find
and changed to another place. As i am always interested and connections to African artists
will show  some time by time, fascinating for me. This artiste was coming from Ghana.
Others from Senegal, Kongo

 Abou Abou Senegal
A. Mancara

 Bony Kongo
B. Dschibango

open balcony atelier

at the entry

before opening my door 

21 April 2020

stripes-lines- pattern-

finished - oil / canvas- 80 x 80 cm - fine cut fabrics/ lila glass pearls- glitter 

every line means to have an end on one point. to reach this goal the lines could be perfect or not it does not matter, a line means to go in one direction, to follow, to find orientation , to be in motion, sometimes with a cut, a sudden stop, if you get lost - stripes means to separate  or to lead to a connection - a new way - never you will find a dead end. Every design of pattern is leading to the history, showing a powerful magical sign - For Africa the Kauri shell you find, will  bring luck in your life - leading to your future- for traditional rituals Africans use the Kauri even today there is a need of  this special power. 

17 April 2020

work in creativ process

my balcony atelier is opened and so it is possible to work outside refresh the white stripes, free hand. waiting before continue with the violet color. There will be rests of red and silver glitter. meanwhile searching for symbols (may be African ones) to go on. The pleasure always what is coming next  no need to hurry up, the oil color has to be dried. Part of this working process. Step by step.

Thank you for following.