23 Dezember 2018

28 November 2018

just published

happy to tell, finally  finished ready in german language
now published and my next task will follow, to translate in englisch,
so it will be possible later to read in englisch, have to translate in my
special way, later...later.... need some time


up here you will find the shop for some details with one click

01 November 2018

black and white

preparing to write a book

 my african dream- startet my idea  to write a book about my
 african adventures, my different travells, took all my thougthts
 my diary notices together, the important one, finally my african
residence in senegal, together, write again and again, correcting,
whtat to get in or to get out, about my personal situation, what seens
to be imortant. really it is hard work, but no risk with self publishing tools.
not ready to read , not ready to publish, not ready to buy. 
This is my first cover for the book, may be there will be another one.
but first of all I have to finish, to write the last sites.
It means to write every daym some hours not to stop.....


20 September 2018


this picture is one I have got from someone free to change for myself, blue acrylic

always looking for an idea, i had folling: collage

metall peaces, chain and diverse stuff changing to my one picture

busy in translating my book from German to Englisch