18 April 2018

art of Anneliese

anneliese2   Anneliese
Anneliese, a lady of the neighbourhood an artist , she painted beautiful pictures
and now she wnat to reduce some of the many pictures. 
A problem we artist all we know about. What to do with all these art??
showing in exibitions, in the community, we did this often, now we feel tired,
because it is a lot of prepairing, transport problems, when he pictures are in big dimensions,
and ca be very exhausting. Interest  and selling different.......    
some of them you have sold, others you will find at the walls in your rooms,
the rest...sleeping. my way is an online galerie, where I show some of my pictures
the rest will follow::::: https://www.artfolio.de/mainindex.php?&de_DE 

as she know, that I am painting  she left these 2 pictures as a gift andallow me
to overpaint.... the first on is an acryl. the second is one with oil colours.
If creativity belongs to your life, it is not possible to stop... if you have ideas and
a lot of inspirations. so I will not receycle fast, will take my time, before there will
be on more art painting of my own. Myself receycled some of my own picture, of which
I am not so much convinced........

13 April 2018


there was a canvas with a painting I was not convinced really, so I kept the
blue/black background, found some rest african fabrics n some rest of african
other stuff and okay it is a new painting, changed.......... 

19 Januar 2018

last day of cameroon

Today after this 4 week trip in camerun, after having breakfast we were sitting,
not talking much, everybody was thinking of the many adventures we have
passed through, now it has come to an end. Our luggage is ready.
Yesterday evening our guide gave us instructions about our return fly back home
We handed him over our passports to prepare everything and told us he will come
in time for assistance. Now it was time but he seems to be late.
Asking at the reception of the hotel, they may call him, but they could not get him at
The phone. Waiting, nothing to do, we could not take a taxi to the airport without
having our passports. At least he arrived, we put our baggage in the bus, we were
very late, the way to the airport was far and we did not know if we were arriving
in time. Suddenly the bus stopped on the big road, what happened…..no we had
problems with the wheel, one puncture had to be changed, beside this big road
we felt tot very comfortable, we had much far to get late and will lose our second fly
home. On the road again we reached our flight in the last minute in Douala to Paris,
exhausted, where our traveler group were busy to get the next flight home.


11 Januar 2018

surprise event africa/camerun

  picknick in africa/camerun- strory of my own traveller diary

our bus stopped after a long way on the dusty roads.
Up on the small hill, we found only tried gras, nothing
else, we did not know what will happen here. 
Does not look as a side-seeing place. So we were waiting for new information.
Our guide told us unfriendly, we should not look and do nothing.
We should help to prepare the picknick.
Most older people could not unterstand what to do.
everybody was hungry and thursty. After having our
bottles of some drinks we were still waiting.
At least we helped him to get everything out of the bus,
we needed. Bowles,cains, knives and other utilities, no
table, no chairs, to sit down, difficult for most travellers,
because they are used to get their meals in uxeryl
hotels. Noboby was willing to help, without talking the
guide tried to prepare some salade, cut fresh bread.
When he had difficulties to open one cain, took my swiss
knife handed over to him. Then finally he accepted my help.
kind of  privilege!!!!
In big plastic buckets and bowles we found really delicous
fresh salade, cheese and saussage, mais, cucumber ect.
fresh fruit salade and everything finished.
Most of the travellers did not sit down, they eat standing
around in one hand some bread, in the other hand some
food. They did not feel very comfortable.
Finished we have to clear the rest and lat no garbidge there.
Back in the bus nobody was talking no word, only two ladies
were squarreling about the idea what to write in their travel

16 Dezember 2017

to get old....older

no one like to think about it, nor to describe or write about, we would like to be young for ever.
But this is not possible in real life, only in virtual life. the medicine and beauty industry with
it big markets promiss, never to get old or older. what we should do or not to do, what we should
eat or not, what kind of sport we should make etc. if we can afford.
Why do we have problems to accept to get old or older in a worthy way, because nobody likes
to see, to respect , fear, no positive signs, because youth means everything.
no positive signs we see, that the years pass by, full of life, busy with job, children, family,
business. Getting older we do not want to have time, we are used always to dosomething,
not to waste time. to learn, to be busy with our interests , the changing world, the changing life
okay we should not be ashamed to get older, hopeful to get wiser, be more patient, to keep our
curiosity, our power. 
in africa the older persons always is important what they have to say, still in their integrated community and their power is immense, if they have heath problems or not.
nobody will keep the youth for ever. The faces are telling lifes with shadows of our souls
our years of dreams, of sorrows, our passions lying  under the surface, invissiable for
others. dreams and wishes disappearing in the dark nights.
take your time to get old or older, put away all the heavy luggage, slow down  be happy if your feel good.      

01 Dezember 2017

the world of frequencies

remember the fine lavender my mother used,my father with the tabac in his pipe smoking, when he left his
room to visit our garden.or the special frequency of your little baby fresh and innocent.
or if you pay a visit to the rooms of your friends or other people
somtimes there was a smell of fresh prepared coffee or roast beef.
we rember situations and we will found some pictures, existing
or phantasy, or remeberence.
In our garden in summer many blossoms in many colours the green
apple or cherry trees and of course the smell of summer in the  air.
during the years of youth as a young girl the frequency of perfume,
the first love, the first party the first kiss, young men who would like to get your attention
with fine shaving water.
1000 ths of smells in this world. the salty breeze of the sea , the wind, the sun of sothern coasts,
other flowers, fascinating with strange smell. fish and fisherboats herbs, smell of freedom
the perfume boutique with labels of the foreign world and new creations of perfume to
attract your love, wondeful exotique names and flakon of glas for getting attractiv and stands
for success  and beauty. later you may have found some very special frequencies when travelling to forign countries, to wildplaces and searching for adventures. th sell of humid earth, the smell of fire
on chharcoal grill, coconut tress and al lot more you never will forget the breeze of the evening of a hot day or the smell of croweded cities or on the grassland with small houses and wild animals......
a lot more, but some special smell you always will keep in mind.


   Anneliese, a lady of the neighbourhood an artist , she painted beautiful pictures and now she wnat to reduce some of the many pictures...