23 Juli 2021

Summer time

Summer time - new informations

 summer time

 african pearl chicken 

 free style - colors of summer - pastell on paper-
Bicycle old one- reparations - tested -

and the balcony atelier is open

new project - the magic black continent - this spirit still exist.
to describe is difficult - as I discovered several times - strong and
really make Africa rich- we  are loosing this special spirit in this modern

05 März 2021

New art painting


canvas with oil color prepared black and red  japanese ink
and pigments. After studies of the special japanese-chinese
kind of traditional paintings in my book - modern ones too
found out the beauty of this design . reduced to feel the wind the air the bambou andd for myelf the beautiful letters/signs , I had the intension to feel the spring-time in another way. 

02 Februar 2021


 this  picture finished on december 2020. symbols used by an african artist from Ghana, was my motivation to create my own one. color with copper - background oil color- light yellow. Kind of meditation. 60 x 60 cm
To give peace for the changing world and to relax from the headlines, not to follow, to stop and think about our own duty., because we are all part of the problems.

Stay well  

29 November 2020

 New art- work


Acryl colors on canvas  mixed with pigment and pastel charcoal

made on the balcony atelier when the sun came out in the morning
without any idea - started with yellow and the flow was there

Summer time it is  bicycle time - a n old new one tested - reparations- super the balcony atelier is open so some scetches with charcoal on ...