17 Mai 2018


All over the world for muslims the Radadan has started. 
Prayers, Silence, and share with people who do not have much.
In honour to "" Allah".
it is not so far from christian tradtion before the days of easter
If possible you will respect the rules, the rituals.
after dawn, it will get dark, you share a special meal with friends and your family.

When I stayed in Senegal for some weeks during Ramadan, the muhezin gave the start for
the prayers. Men were going to the mosque, women met in the house of the " marabouts"
to pray and sing together or at home. The streets are empty, when the heat was growing tooo
high. We should not forget when people are tired they do not take drugs, often they have a
problem with the illness " malaria" or other deseases. 
the tradition to invite   guests  is really adorable.
Have you finished your " Couscous" ??????

02 Mai 2018

neighbours painting

the painting from " anneliese" I have got I changed - overpainted-now in my own new one.
my "balcony- atelier" is opened.


traditions – culture 1

how  important are meaning remembrance, to keep old traditions in mind, for people, I am sure there will be different answers to this question, because everybody
have another view, other experiences and thoughts about traditions.
Humans are not able to choose where they come to life, in which land, in which world, in which regions, cannot decide their family, the surrounding, the education,
and even not the history of their homeland.
All this will be significant and effective for their engagement in their life.
It means to give a structured life of days, months, years, in our youth, when we get
in difficulties or when we have trouble to get older. The kit for a community, to live
together, rules and behaviour give orientation.
Changes in form of war, poverty, expulsion, or other circumstances may disturb our
secure life, the identity gets lost so the traditions can help to find a new order and goal. If the elementary necessities are absent, the need of regulation and tradition is
really important. What else, may in some cases your faith is the base too.
to keep traditions, very old ones, make sense, sometimes it is necessary to renew,
to correct and to change, because if not open minded, if the power will be misused,
or the education or knowledge is too low.
the difficulty is to make out where my personal definition means my person as
an individual person or I am looking forward to the importance of my community,
or my homeland, the clan, the family, or with other group of people, religion,
to find my identification where. The leaders of a country have also a big influence,
the environs, surroundings, influence of independence on resources, other temptations, chances of ideals, possibilities.               

18 April 2018

art of Anneliese

anneliese2   Anneliese
Anneliese, a lady of the neighbourhood an artist , she painted beautiful pictures
and now she wnat to reduce some of the many pictures. 
A problem we artist all we know about. What to do with all these art??
showing in exibitions, in the community, we did this often, now we feel tired,
because it is a lot of prepairing, transport problems, when he pictures are in big dimensions,
and ca be very exhausting. Interest  and selling different.......    
some of them you have sold, others you will find at the walls in your rooms,
the rest...sleeping. my way is an online galerie, where I show some of my pictures
the rest will follow::::: https://www.artfolio.de/mainindex.php?&de_DE 

as she know, that I am painting  she left these 2 pictures as a gift andallow me
to overpaint.... the first on is an acryl. the second is one with oil colours.
If creativity belongs to your life, it is not possible to stop... if you have ideas and
a lot of inspirations. so I will not receycle fast, will take my time, before there will
be on more art painting of my own. Myself receycled some of my own picture, of which
I am not so much convinced........