06 Juli 2018

summer atelier is open


testprogramm - new for me- so it is not perfect- cause I need to learn more-anyway
took my sketchbook, the idea was born long time ago- never saw these beauties in
free nature- took a black canvas - finished

17 Mai 2018


All over the world for muslims the Radadan has started. 
Prayers, Silence, and share with people who do not have much.
In honour to "" Allah".
it is not so far from christian tradtion before the days of easter
If possible you will respect the rules, the rituals.
after dawn, it will get dark, you share a special meal with friends and your family.

When I stayed in Senegal for some weeks during Ramadan, the muhezin gave the start for
the prayers. Men were going to the mosque, women met in the house of the " marabouts"
to pray and sing together or at home. The streets are empty, when the heat was growing tooo
high. We should not forget when people are tired they do not take drugs, often they have a
problem with the illness " malaria" or other deseases. 
the tradition to invite   guests  is really adorable.
Have you finished your " Couscous" ??????

02 Mai 2018

neighbours painting

the painting from " anneliese" I have got I changed - overpainted-now in my own new one.
my "balcony- atelier" is opened.