25 Dezember 2013

gold flash

hello everybody - long before chrismas started to paint this picture
1,00 x 70 acryl /canvas

changed colours
again and again, changed details to finish finally after technic problems now it is online

06 November 2013


sketch for the next painting - from my sketch book-
butterflies are sleeping now , winter will come
in africa it is summer and butterflies are flying in the
sun, looking for flowers.

08 Oktober 2013


many secrets in one picture ....structured with different old papers ....
acryl colour on wooden plate.... what is it ?? a labyrint... explore your own secret.......
I did not start painting with any intension....

19 August 2013

blue world

painting process.not  finished.working out...beginning just for fun mot too serios
acryl on wooden plate..
anyway have to be  in this special summer light.......

05 Juni 2013

cock like a bird

cock, yes like a bird - in africa they are smaller - pastell sketch-
saw in tv - part of germany they try to find out cocks from older variation

22 April 2013

in working process

acryl on canvas - started to ceate the design ...waiting....watching....
thinking..... you can follow what will be when there is time and a good mood
to finish.....

26 März 2013


the war will not end - still chaos- 

collage with metall rest peaces on wooden plate

oriental scene - collage-


pastell on ingrès paper - safe or not ?

scenery on the streets in Damash ( damaskus)
foto years ago - shot in peace- and now?


21 Februar 2013

guinea fowl

once it was a foto from a trip to cameroun- then years later a sketch-
now it is an original acrylpainting on canvas 60 x 60

as the picture lasted still in my head.
during a ceremony with dance, songs and other mystc signs these
fowls were not desturbing the scenery, people told me that they were
part of it..... 

29 Januar 2013

some paintings of a friend....

a few wonderful paintings of an african friend bony tschibango ( Zaire/Kongo) -
 bony tu est d'accord
de presenter dans cette blog, pas d'une chance de demander avant
parce que je suis sûr tu est une artist formidable et le monde il faut voire part de
tes paintures très bien fait - voila.....


new sketch

new sketch for my next picture...... if there is any idea in my head have to
design in my sketchbook before it will be lost....then later can paint it
on canvas . 

08 Januar 2013

fremde Welten.......Traumpfade

Acryl/Leinwand - 1,00 x 70

gespachtelt  geschichtet  gewischt geformtgeheime


  fremde innere Welten werden sichtbar 

 Traumpfaden folgend.......

following the fantasy dreampath and discover your

own .........

vennez cherchez votre vision de rêve......

   Anneliese, a lady of the neighbourhood an artist , she painted beautiful pictures and now she wnat to reduce some of the many pictures...