21 Juni 2017


Sega, an african of the village usually take the toubabs with his calèche along the beach from one place to another. When I had a bad delay at one of my arrivals because of stormy weather at night at the airport and my private taxi driver did not wait for me found big problems I saw Sega my last help to come to my village. I cried out : SEGA and it was him who was waiting for some french people for the transport to  same village. Never I thought he could be at the airport. So for him it was no problem, of course not to carry my lugage and to get in his minibus. Really happy when I arrived late at night , tired I felt in a dreamless sleep.

09 Juni 2017

fisher in Senegal

will keep in mind -because the world steels fish from the senegal fishers, no
fish, no money, not much to eat,   no future. the young men who like to
go with the others on the boats to catch some fish, which could be very
dangerous prefer to take the bad and endless way to Europe, the olders
tell them to go, because they belive they would earn money and send back
for the big family. Thes say Europe is tich,but sometmes never come back.
No good way.


african fabric (batil) and finr other stuff on canvas