07 Oktober 2017

look at me........

 my hair is a coccont blossom
my face wooden citchen utensil
my dress african
some juwelery,cains   

some details has to be done......

14 September 2017

good african friends

friendly young people who are busy to learn to look for a job, to be able to earn money for their family. they are really good in learning, in communications and work honest without learning or astudy at the university, or special school. Practise and learning by doing. so never they have
the wish to live in another strange world in europe. 

10 September 2017

african poetry

found some african stuff again inside african adventure integrated - cut in pieces-
takw canvas to tell a new african story

08 September 2017

bad african spirits


read and listen to another sequenz of an african shortstory - happened - kept in my african diary notes and old photos gatheres in my memory - 

03 September 2017

an african secret

tigernut or earth-almond

african women, especially the schamanwomen with their great wisdom of
medicine plants and their essences, to use for heath.
when I stayed in Senegal some of them are used to produce a very special
spice with really wonderful aroma. Never I found out which indegriences
they use for it. As i have brought some of it and kept always to remember
this smell. searching my utensils for smoking some of these I found some
nuts, they use tor this special " djuray" . As they do not look beautifull but
the smell is existent inside these nuts. these are almonds or tigernuts a kind of
cyprus grass and down at the roots you find these kind of lumps.
coiling in hot water later cut in very small pieces and mixing up with parfum oil
keep in closed glas bottle. 
On burning charcoal the smoke give all these essences free , for free breathing,
for many other deseases and against the moskito,  an exotic smell, mecine
aphroticum too.  Eucalyptus leaves and bark burning with charcoal a lot more

14 August 2017


one week on SAL a capverde island, ( from salt) in former times there were some old
salt mines to visit and desert sand and it is a surfer paradise from there  to Gambia
Banjul and adventure tour wild beautiful nature - never return back after visiting
the Senegal. Anyway these old photos brooght me virtually back.  

09 August 2017

01 August 2017


quick sketch for the next picture on canvas with oil colours, steelsheet  cut in pieces
nets etc.

26 Juli 2017


Natalie and Madame Pompadour - nicknames- always on tour.
please excuse, my english is no more as good as it could be, as I do not use it , lack of possibilities, try to train in this way. one sequenz of my personal african adventures-
different shortstories  to listen

look at me........

 my hair is a coccont blossom my face wooden citchen utensil my dress african some juwelery,cains    some details has to be done...