25 März 2017

springtime- picture

want to show the light colour
in the air- springtime-
acryl /canvas/ different  stuff/ 
layer by layer  

23 März 2017

"murids in Senegal"

murid in Senegal

interesting impressing calm and peaceful pupils of the great
" marabut" singing and playing with their drums they are
respected, and if you meet them it means luck and good life 
for you and your family. 
acryl- on canvas 

22 März 2017


outside with the tourist bus we  had visited the small fields 
of bananas and  pineapple, tasted the famous palm-brandy, we discovered how
people pressed the red palm oil for the meal with the hot soup, 
the production of batik-fabrics, art- manufacture, we learned to drink
the coconut water and milk, refreshing when it got too hot, we were 
astonished watching the process from wood to a pirog to ship on the
river, without making any noise, and the wooden sculptures and masks look at us
strange and dark. leather from goats on the big drums gave us the 
impression of the powerful bang - bang of the drums.
our guide “sehouna” told us why the Africans burn down small parcels
of their fields, after harvesting the yams and fruits. the affectivity 
of this method and some of the clever tourist discussed that all this is
nonsense , the knowledge of the Europeans have to tell the Africans
how to plant. our guide only smiled and shut up.
Next step he wanted to show us the peanut fields, as we watched 
the huge mountains of peanuts for the export for Europe. On every 
market the green small peanuts you could find but the taste of 
fresh green peanuts we did not know and even we did not know how important
for the African kitchen, preparing the famous peanut soup, sauce, 
so we were ignoring and for the tourist the field where the peanuts grow,
small green leaves, without seeing the small nuts.
The nuts  grow covered with dry African earth, not a spectacular highlight.
But we like peanut oil. peanut butter a lot more .........  ___________________________________________________________________________

21 März 2017

african dream path

 prepared for sunny warm days with
african feeling

in the box with african stuff and fabrics is really enough
cutting, to arrange new, for another patchwork 
with many stories to tell, from markets, clothes in all kind
of colours of the african continent, gathered in years, now
comming back in my mind, when sky is grey, the sun of
africa comes back in my coloured dreams . 

les murids All over the world for muslims the Radadan has started.  Prayers, Silence, and share with people who do not have much...