19 Januar 2018

last day of cameroon

Today after this 4 week trip in camerun, after having breakfast we were sitting,
not talking much, everybody was thinking of the many adventures we have
passed through, now it has come to an end. Our luggage is ready.
Yesterday evening our guide gave us instructions about our return fly back home
We handed him over our passports to prepare everything and told us he will come
in time for assistance. Now it was time but he seems to be late.
Asking at the reception of the hotel, they may call him, but they could not get him at
The phone. Waiting, nothing to do, we could not take a taxi to the airport without
having our passports. At least he arrived, we put our baggage in the bus, we were
very late, the way to the airport was far and we did not know if we were arriving
in time. Suddenly the bus stopped on the big road, what happened…..no we had
problems with the wheel, one puncture had to be changed, beside this big road
we felt tot very comfortable, we had much far to get late and will lose our second fly
home. On the road again we reached our flight in the last minute in Douala to Paris,
exhausted, where our traveler group were busy to get the next flight home.


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