14 Januar 2017

it is raining in africa

rain-season in africa

usually I do not visit during rain season, because moskitos  and other
animals like this warm and rainy weather, nature without month of rain,
difficult and absolutly important.
Every year it seems to be different, but always not really fine to stay
there for vacance times.
Remember one year when I stayed in my favourite hotel.
This evening begun just as every evening, the buffet was prepared with
fine and delicious offers. It was time to switch on the light, because it was
dark. As we were beginning we heard a strange noise and the lights suddenly
got dark, in few seconds crowded with dark black beetle and small once like bugs, which fall over and over in the hair, on the buffet, on the floor everywhere, clacking
down with noise. For the african employees close the buffet, took broom and cleaned everything, not shocked , because they are used to such nature events.
also the sea is wild and loud, stormy and always is necessary to repair the walls, the roofs, the beach, to clean the rooms with special chemical sprays, because the tourists do not like dark big black animals in the bathroom or under their feet.

Later I stayed in my private residence, the afternoon was very hot, no breeze, strange silence.
suddenly it was getting dark and I heard strange noise, I did not know what this could be.
upstairs looking to the sky I watched strange row of birds or other animals, could not imagine what it was and what this kind of noise means. Then suddenly I remembered the breakings news that in Mali grasshoppers, crickets disturbed the fields thewhole  maize  harvest of one year. got down closed the windows and doors, had to control every possibility the animals could get in the house, easy for them. when I was seeking in the neighbourhood for any actions, could not notice any change. sit down , stay cool and wait for the catastrophe.
Waiting if something happens, nothing happened, no problems, no crash, no more noise.
all hamdulliallah…. the grasshoppers changed the direction to disturb another region.

well, if you stay for longer time in Africa you have to be prepared being confronted with strong nature, powerful . you have to learn how  citizens manage and react and what they know to come along.Their wisdom is needed..
without water no life no world can exist.



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