24 September 2010


Öl / vanvas
Erinnerung an eine Marokkoreise - 
it was th 11. september when the aircraft left the airport.
arriving in marokko, we saw the pictures in TV thinking
the tourist where looking a movie. After we have got the information
we realized, that this was real. Very different strange reaction of  people( tourists and marrocainpeople ) unsafety, fear, sorrow about friends in america. Some people were crying, confused.The management of the hotel gave newest informations, ordered a prayer, opended the possibility for a discussion for everybody. A lot of opinions dashed against one another.
At least people calmed , thinking of the last days of their vacance. 
The landscape and friendly people of this country verry impressing.              


  1. Amber, oker,light and shade, is this really what it is?
    Grtn, Willy

  2. dear Willy, for me in my memory it was like this,
    exactly. What id real , what is memory?
    th original painting painted with oil colours
    of course is a little bit different.to force the expression for the net, to see the details, a
    painting must not exaactly show the reality like
    a photo. This is my intention. please tell me more about your question. thanks
    african queen

  3. It feels, like an oasis of peace,tranquilety and timeless finiteness!!The representation of the whole is simply perfect.
    Grtn, Willy

  4. thank you so much for your words, yes timeless
    i like this vocabular, good descrption.
    grtn queeny