28 April 2017

new patchwork

not really perfect because african restfacrics were difficult
and  experimental one side coloured other side blue linnen 
(old white bed-linnen changed with colour to blue)
Anyway some experience is necessary to learn and to
better next time.

23 April 2017

sketches in blue

 sketch nr.1  
with the following blue pearl chains and metall  rest pieces

 sketch nr. 2 with precious metall (silvery) silver chains
metall rest pieces and cd on blue ground
someonce is interested for a big panel canvas 2m high
and 50-60 cm for light grey walls in the entry hall or
for staircase and the wish no yellow colour that is why
blue an d silver to corrospendent with the walls as there
may be daylight or not, when getting a command need more
informations .   
sketch nr. 3 with rest of blue leather and old necklace (blue and silver) on silvery ground

sketch nr 1

some ideas for this big 2m high panell (canvas)
may  be I can get a command. 

les murids All over the world for muslims the Radadan has started.  Prayers, Silence, and share with people who do not have much...