22 September 2016

" Abraham`s groseries-shop"

The small groseries  - shop of „Abraham“ 

the first years I was happy to visit this little groseries - shop.
Like to remember " chez abraham "

 ”monsieur Abraham”  is a non-aged african who is busy in this
groseries-shop, together  with his family, 
well-known in his quarter, a friendly respected person.
Nearly everything you could find there, as candles, matches, bread,
rice in open sacs, juice, condensed sweet milk, cans with vegetable.
one piece of bread with peanut butter for the children, one cigarette,
bonbons, spice small portions and everything not expensive.
Never I met other European people there, they prefer to go to the
big supermarkets. For me it means the connections to my childhood,
not feeling  strange and a with personal connection with the African people.
Often, after swimming at the beach, stopped there to have a brake,
looking for fresh bred ( baguette) an d fresh cold coke or fanta or
fresh peppermint leaves, or some other small things.
Some years later, closed and now a boutique for tourists.
Well usually it was the duty of my housekeeper in the morning,
to go to big fresh market to go shopping there for fresh fish or sometimes
fresh meat, vegetable, fruit , for preparing a good African meal.  

20 September 2016

special african woman

Fathou – spezial african woman 

when I`ve got in touch with her, she was working in the small hotel.
Always busy, open minded, happy. She invited us to her private home to eat together, to dance, to cook, to laugh and explained us so many african secrets of African life, we did not know at this time.
She was really respected from neighbours in her small quarter she lived. Her good contact to the mosque where she was responsible for women
her problems, they were singing in the early evening.
one day she was so exited when she told us, she will marry again. Nobody knew her age, anyway the first years she seems to be happy with her husnand, a security man from Dakar. His family often paid a
visit, we were drinking “ schai” in the shadow of her mango tree. one day  fathou offered me to buy this piece of her sisters land , because she was  moving to another place. Well, she organized everything together with me, a few days later th agreement was fix before returning back.
Later I noticed she was a schaman woman.
After two years we were neighbours. Some difficulties with another european,
we knew each other for long time, the contact broke, and I became a lot of
difficulties and strange bad things happened. Somebody was against me.
As I did not know exactly and no evidence, had to help with my own african ritual
successfully. Changed the housekeeper family and tried to find the contact to
Fathou again. She explained her own problems with Abdoulay, separated now,
and we still stayed friends.