31 Januar 2016

inspektion of a privat african kitchen


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03 Januar 2016


 starting 2016 with sketches for Barbara, so I shall
travell in my books to Asia, never had been there.
Although when I had been a yoga teacher, I was
busy with some asiatic culture. Reduction, feel
what seems to be really important for personal life,
for our world. Meditation - take every moment now
as a wonderful gift.
today you will klow the words:
"simplify your life".  
When I travelled in Afrika, I discoveredmany many
fantastic plants and there I found the bamboo woods
in regions where rain is falling from time to time.
In different culture you will find plants which are
mystic and important for rituals, special.
only the  schamanes or marabouts keep this knowledge
till today..they know where you will find them.
only together with rituals the plants will keep their

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