11 Januar 2018

surprise event africa/camerun

  picknick in africa/camerun- strory of my own traveller diary

our bus stopped after a long way on the dusty roads.
Up on the small hill, we found only tried gras, nothing
else, we did not know what will happen here. 
Does not look as a side-seeing place. So we were waiting for new information.
Our guide told us unfriendly, we should not look and do nothing.
We should help to prepare the picknick.
Most older people could not unterstand what to do.
everybody was hungry and thursty. After having our
bottles of some drinks we were still waiting.
At least we helped him to get everything out of the bus,
we needed. Bowles,cains, knives and other utilities, no
table, no chairs, to sit down, difficult for most travellers,
because they are used to get their meals in uxeryl
hotels. Noboby was willing to help, without talking the
guide tried to prepare some salade, cut fresh bread.
When he had difficulties to open one cain, took my swiss
knife handed over to him. Then finally he accepted my help.
kind of  privilege!!!!
In big plastic buckets and bowles we found really delicous
fresh salade, cheese and saussage, mais, cucumber ect.
fresh fruit salade and everything finished.
Most of the travellers did not sit down, they eat standing
around in one hand some bread, in the other hand some
food. They did not feel very comfortable.
Finished we have to clear the rest and lat no garbidge there.
Back in the bus nobody was talking no word, only two ladies
were squarreling about the idea what to write in their travel

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