08 März 2017

fisherboats in senegal


the fisherboats still start early in the morning to find some fish for their
market, for their families. dangerous, the atlantic is wild. 
The problem of the international big fishtrawlers make the life of these
fishers really difficult and their existant life is in danger.
there is no mones for the motor (gazoline) and when they return the fish
needs immediately to be sold, because there is need to prepare for international
market.one possibility is to dry the fish in the sun, different methods in different
countries, for african market acceptable, not enough to surwive. 
No chance, for the young men of these families. If you are born in such
family, you do not have any other option. The clan gather some money for th
dangerous voyage to find a new perspective in europe. There is money , there are
jobs, but they will not find money on the street. they will find other africans to help.
Without any knowledge for th good jobs, they will not be able to give support to their
families, because always the first born sun is responsable for everything.
the reality is bitter, the poverty still last, but the high expectation of the people at home
shows the dilemma for the africans, without money in their pocket, they cannot
return home, the fail will not be accepted. at home no social secure system from the
government is etablished.           

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