04 September 2016

african neighbourhood

Neighbourhood in Africa
motivated of another blog – „ Mein Apulien“ here the story for you.

Separated with white walls but not isolated to the neighbours.
As everywhere on the world, neighbours are watching each other.
In this small village are also foreigners as owners, so it is more
interesting. Down on the side of the garden you can see the
house of “ Fathou”. On her side her cousins family.
His voice is rarely to hear but M`Bayes voice often, when she is
talking to her children giving some orders, what they should do.
then she is cleaning the sandy place, the house and is looking
for washed clothes. Always she is busy and always moving.
An African woman, tall and slim with power. Now some
rooms are rented to some craftsmen , who are in this area for
some time. In the evening I watch them, sitting outside with the
usuall “ schai” . The light at “ Fathous” house still is on.
The neighbours on the right side, always new owners, I do not
see , because they are not living here same time when I am here
for some weeks. The housekeeper and his family, the same as
every year, we are connected.
On front on the other side, a big compound of a French, when he
he was present, always many visitors with cars and laughter and
music, now it is empty, sold. Of cours I am missing Ibrahim, who
always was my special friend, after finishing his work there , he
came for a visit and can share my problems, a serious nice guide.
He lost his job now and last time could not find him any more.
Another big house from the rich Senegal man I can see the housekeeper
sometimes, everything proper and clean, always lighted, so for me it
means security. On the right, the house rented, Mammadou who is
responsable for the compound is not a foreigner, because for some
time he was busy in the hotel, I know him for long time.
So everything is fine, of course, neighbours are watching me too.
When I arrive, they are looking if I am alone, who are the visitors,
talking loudly to Abou, when wen we have problems, or if I am
listening to music, or painting, or leaving with a taxi, or having
“schai” in the late afternoon together with Abou.
It is very important to know your neighbours, for security or even
if you need some help. Not too close, but of course when I am absent,
it is their living quarter and they will have a look to my side.

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