17 September 2015

refugees from Africa......

of course we all have to look at these pictures, we have to ask ouerselves why
and what does it mean for us and the world.....how can pictures (allways the same ones),
influencing may be manipulating our thoughts........... what does it mean......
When I watch pictures of africans, even of senegalese young men....why do they leave
the country.... for many reasons, yes...
first because they do not see any perspectiv for life...why....
second reason many of them do not have a job.....
and a lot of tourists who have a lot of money and show their class or have pity with
powerty and ...... 
often I noticed that we europaen know everything better....
on tv they can watch and see the rich people......the big cars and.......
but they do not know everything sometimes they do not want to know that money you
do not find on the streets...........
the world does not respect the power of surviving in bad conditions, the wonderfull
traditions, beautifull landscape and people and another kind of seeing life.
the world want lo leave afrika in these conditions for many reasons ---
families belive that it is their duty to say young men must leave , africans are always moving...
to find luck and to get rich to help, they do not have any injurence for illnes or security
to bring the money back to the big clans to their families, to buy all these things they do not have.
How can they see that many people in Europe have difficulties to live sometimes even to
They are human beeings and there are good ones and bad ones as everywhere.
How do they know that africans who live in european countries do not have any chance???
in the rich foot world may be some of them..... how can they know it could be hard life behind....
Nobody like to hear something about reality everybody have dreams and should look forward...
Some of them had luck of course you can find it all over the world.
In Africa also in Senegal only higher class born, will  get the chance to study to go to the university.
Often the find a good job in the small industry or in politics, forget their vision of a better
a good africa, have wifes and children and forget to fight for better life in their country.
Ones I was asking some africans why they do not go back to their country and help for change...
could not find the answer, cause meanwhile they maried, had children and european or even
african wife do not like to go back. 
all these thoughts I have in my head when I see africans refugees, leaving for nothing or even
are dying om the desert or in the cold sea.
I do not have answers for this difficult situation what I do know we should learn more about
the world, we have to share, but I wish and have a dream that we learn to have respect 
we are all human beeings we all have got only one life only one world, we only have the chance
together to change anything.
For western world people, we should not forget hostory, young people are full of hope, may be
they do not know everything, give a chance for them to learn and understand the world,
the global world, they will have their own dreams.
 For my person I learned many things from the african world, I stayed for some times as a visitor
 for life............ not even from african continent...... also from other continents who are really in
 trouble.... stay together......learning understanding for others who have another way to live.



  1. Come together,stay together............................

  2. we show that everything is possible, talk together, stay together,
    respect each other, well show our art paintings, show that colours are
    important all over the world.
    thanks a lot for your post


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