10 März 2013


  1. Every time I see your work I go back to Africa. Thanks for keeping those lovely memories alive.

  2. I am very happy to bring your memory back.
    sharing with you the impressions deep in my soul
    tank you so much.

  3. Yes,i like match more the yellow ,orange red spectrum for african art!
    Because i am not connected with the real thing!
    Am i right?
    Super week-end for you,Willy

  4. hi willy, yes you are right, on the other hand
    we are used to see red orange colour spectrum
    but of course traditional are the " earth" colours,
    the mustic and magic of other colours are existing
    at night, or early morning, for example and the freedom
    of artists way to show unusual colours in a new context.
    blue mystic weekend for you, thanks.