26 Oktober 2012

was geschah......?what happend.....

click on the words written down, to hear this audiostory,which is not perfect, let me say I do not
want to make it perfect, shows anexperimental character  

was geschah......?


  1. Quand on se pose des questions, on est obliger des chercher des reponses!!
    Good and bad ,noir et blanc,water and fire il faut toujours eviter des voir tout and grisailles!
    Super week-end Queeny,Willy

  2. merci beaucoup willy, très charmant,poser des questions
    oui toujours chercher des reponse.....
    lost all posts of 2012, try to get some of them back.
    but okay, it seems not tobe really a problem.
    dreamy weekend or creativ weekend for you


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